Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Therese has to start somewhere

My sister in the written word said I should start blogging, so I guess this is where I kick off. She gave me a few questions just to help me and said she'd help me manage my PR stuff (because I hate computers) so if you have any questions, direct it to her and she'll get back to me. Since I still absolutely refuse electronic media, this should be interesting... I know it sounds horribly old-fashioned but bear with me, please. I had no idea any publishers would like my writing so all of this is quite new to me.

1) When did you start writing and what motivates you?

I've been writing since I can remember. Putting words down on paper (I write everything long-hand and my sister types it for me) is good for my mental health--therapy, if you will--since I can't afford the psychologist's bill. I host dinners almost every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a formal lunch on most Sundays, so I meet many people. Some of the stories are fascinating and I've been collecting notes for years.

I do become very lonely in that great big house of mine, and although cats and pugs are good company, they don't have much to say, so to have my stories down on paper serves to help me forget about my own troubles for a bit.

2) Who are your favourite authors?

This is very difficult because I read so much. I like William Burroughs, John Fowles and a host of other "serious" authors but, by equal measure, I do read a fair bit of contemporary romance... Just can't think of any authors who jump out at me at the moment because I'm in a bit of a fog after a few glasses of red wine too many this eve.

3) What inspired you to write Tainted Love and when is it releasing?

A very close friend of mine came to visit and let slip that she used to be a dancer. The story flowed from there once she'd shared some of her horror stories. It was very entertaining and I truly take my hat off to my friend for having the guts to share. The novel is releasing in December this year.

4) Was it difficult getting published?

This is my first novel and I got a whole pile of rejections but because my sister (who is a well-established dark fantasy author in her own right) gave me a lot of encouragement and helped me revise, I think it went a lot easier. It was still nerve-wrecking, however and I had many self-doubts. I persevered, however, after many cups of Earl Grey tea.

5) Do you have any other erotic novels in the pipeline?

I am currently completing one entitled Hell's Music which is about a lady who falls in love with a shock-rocker celeb. It's been absolutely marvellous to write. The next step is for my sister to go read the manuscript and make suggestions, so it's going to be a while before I start submitting.

6) Any advice for beginner-authors?

Read as much as you can, both within and outside your genre. And the other bit of "revise, revise, revise." I totally recommend reading Stephen King's On Writing.